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Central Region


Kakum national park is situated 33km north of Cape coast, the central regional capital, and 170km west of Accra. Kakum covers an area of 350 square kilometers, including the Assin Attandanso resource Reserve. It is mostly rain- forest, with wildlife ranging from porcupines, squirrels, olive colobus monkeys, red river hogs and more. The key attraction of Kakum is the Canopy walkway that enables you to walk over the high tropical forest on a swing bridge measuring almost 500m long among the tallest trees. Over 110,000 visit the walkway in a year and is one of the only six in the world.

cape coast

Located in cape coast in the central region of Ghana. It was initially built by the Swedes but captured by the Danes. Dutch occupation commenced in 1960, however the British fleet conquered the castle and upgraded it. The slave trade was principal until its ban in 1807 by the British. About 70,000 slaves per annum were transported. Cape coast castle was the seat of the British governor. It’s a historical museum with Ghanaian arts and craft.

elmina castle

A medieval castle in the central region of Ghana.  Also known as St. George’s castle, It was the first and for many years the largest European building  constructed in the tropics of Africa. With Sandy Beaches, blue skies and tropical palm surrounding the castle visitors may absorb the sights of former slave dungeons, chapels and governors chamber. Elmina castle was the last place thousands of African slaves would ever see of their homeland. An overwhelming Historical sight.